Beard Status: Dissheveled

Still nothing interesting for a website update. This has been about as uneventful a Saturday as I can remember. But that’s not a bad thing. Woke up around noon with a hangover from hanging out with Alex & his Australian visitors last night; that was pretty fun, they’re good people, and I managed to get pleasantly drunk instead of obscenely drunk. Went to Amoeba and picked up some CDs, made plans to do a lot more stuff and then just came back to the apartment and took a nap. I made some progress in Half-Life 2, so I guess I can count that as an accomplishment. The World of Warcraft servers were down, so I couldn’t use that as a time-waster. All my Sims 2 families are settling down into gay and straight marriages or having babies, and I didn’t really feel like being that domestic.

Would’ve been a perfect day to actually update this website, but laziness wins again. In a quest for True Ultimate Boredom, though, I’ve decided to post regular photographic updates of the status of my beard, on the about page. (Taking photos of paint drying would actually require me to paint something, which sounds like too much work).