Oh, are you still there?

Apparently I only update the whole weblog thing when things are going lousy. Just as well; seeing as how my past year in turmoil turned out to be pretty dull reading, I can’t imagine how mind-numbingly boring it’d be to hear about my life now.

Because everything’s going great. And I mean everything. Work is busy but manageable and I actually like what I’m doing now. Personal life’s going swimmingly. I’ve got free time at home. Bills are paid, car’s running fine. I look forward to seeing movies and I see them and they’re actually really good. My friends all seem to be happy or at least chugging along. Family’s good. I’m back into enjoying videogames, and even have time to keep up a World of Warcraft character.

I still haven’t done any work on the website, as the broken links at the top of the page indicate. And I’m wracked with guilt about the whole thing. Except inasmuch as I’m not at all. I did put a goofy picture of myself on the about page, so that’s progress.

Uh. Well, Bush is still president. I guess I could complain about that. And there’s a war and all. Lots of civil rights violations all over the place. Unfathomably horrible devastation from the tsunami. But I voted, and protested, and donated, and there’s not a whole lot more I can do. Except be happy.

This is weird.