Psychic Powers Activate

Sam & Max: The Devil’s Playhouse has been announced! No, really!

The game I’ve been working on since last summer has finally been announced for reals. It’s Sam & Max: The Devil’s Playhouse, and it’s going to be out in April for PC, Mac, and the PlayStation Network (PS3).

The first episode is called The Penal Zone and it’s full of all the high-brow intellectual humor that the title implies. We’ve made a subtle shift to the puzzle-solving in this season: there’s a little bit less emphasis on using inventory items together and more emphasis on using Max’s new psychic powers and eventually, figuring out how they work together. The idea is that instead of a lot of random objects that have one specific use that you have to figure out, there’s a smaller set of powers that you can use in multiple places and multiple ways. I’ll be interested to see how people like it.

I already know how they’ll like the other change, which is all the improvements to the visuals. The artists did an obscene amount of work on the environments, characters, and character animation. Plus we got a bunch of lighting and rendering improvements, including real-time shadows.

Plus there’s an evil space gorilla named General Skun-ka’pe, you know, for the kids.

Check out the trailer in high definition because Telltaler Shaun Finney spent a lot of time on it and it came out really good and I’m not just saying that because he could kick me in the head without breaking a sweat. And then you can pre-order the whole season because really, you know you’re going to buy it anyway so why delay the inevitable?

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  1. I’m sorry, but it needs to be said. The Little Pharaoh and his molemen subjects are adorable. I also love how General “skunk ape” is actually a baboon (although not nearly as evil or aggressive as a real baboon).

  2. Congratulations, the game looks amazing! I can’t wait to play it. Maybe it’s too early to ask something like this, but you are the lead writer on the first episode (and the entire season), right?

  3. Going by the fake movie poster at the Season 3 webpage, I’d say the answer is “yes”, and as we all know fake movie posters never lie. Chuck is writing, designing and directing, although I hear his real interest is QA.

  4. Actually, that’s not the case. Mike Stemmle’s writing two episodes (working with Joe Pinney on the design), Andy Hartzell is writing and designing one, and I’m writing two of them. My title is something like “season designer” which means coming up with the overall story arc and making sure the key story beats are hit in each episode, but the episodes themselves are more the work of the individual designer/writer/director.

  5. I’m sorry about posting twice about the same subject, but I watched that Giantbomb quicklook, and man, this is lightyears above anything I expected, and I thought I had pretty high expectations! The look and feel of it is just about perfect. I love that, instead of simply moving away from the office and the street, you just decided to make it better. The way New York feels now is pretty amazing, it’s got the grimy feel and detail from the comics I never thought would be possible in a game. I’ll stop now, because maybe this isn’t the place for this, but yeah, congratulations man. Great job.

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