Thru You

Kutiman’s YouTube mash-up project “ThruYOU” is simply brilliant.

Thanks to Chris Remo for letting me know about ThruYOU, an online album from Israeli musician Kutiman. He made the project by remixing and resampling YouTube videos; the result reminds me of Emergency Broadcast Network, with more focus on the music than the video.

In case the main site’s down, you can see the videos on Kutiman’s YouTube Channel, or this compilation page compiled by a fan at

It really is phenomenal. It would’ve been impressive enough if even one track had worked, but he somehow managed to compile seven songs without a single dud. And even more impressive, it works as a complete album. My favorite is “Babylon Band”, but I’m embedding the first track, because you really should listen to them in order.

Two of the YouTube comments as of right now are “mindblowing” and “Dear God in Heaven. This is stupendous.” They’re not exaggerating.

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  1. The first time I saw it, I assumed that he’d done something similar to EBN: use the video as “core” samples but added his own music underneath.

    Once you look at the credits of each video (or the “More Info” on the YouTube pages), and drill down into each one, it’s clear that there’s no BS: everything you hear is from the source videos. The most he did was add echo, as far as I can tell.

    When I realized that, it turned from “really cool internet project” into “I’m actually a little scared that this exists, it’s that awesome.”

    Also, at the risk of sounding corny (I’ve been watching these videos non-stop all weekend): it makes me feel like I’ve been a cynical choad for years. I look at random YouTube searches and see crap; this guy can scour YouTube and see the makings of something incredible.

  2. All 7 vids are AMAZING!!! don’t just watch 1 =)

    you can find all of the videos at the following sites.




    you can also download a copy of the album or individual tracks @

  3. Indeed. If you stop after the first (or second), then you’re missing out on some of the best parts. Including Songdreamer’s song which makes up the bulk of track 7, “Just a Lady.” (Which is just great, and I’ve had it going through my head non-stop since this weekend!)

    Another thing that’s cool about this project is the cooler spin it puts on the whole fair use/creative commons debate. The contributors like Songdreamer and the guy whose solos were used in “The Mother of all Funk Chords” are getting really involved in promoting this thing, instead of squabbling over it. Makes you think there’s something to this whole “group creativity” idea after all.

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