Short-term Nostalgia

A few weeks ago, I was at a party, doing what I usually do at parties — looking for a way to work the Sam & Max games into the conversation.

Talk turned to Adobe After Effects and all the cool stuff the kids can do with video editing, and I mentioned the “Behind the Bad” videos Nick and Jake made to promote the Strong Bad games, and that got me going on about all the Sam & Max Season Two trailers. A friend mentioned he’d never seen any of them, so I said I’d put them up on the blog but then forgot.

Earlier I said that the trailer to “Moai Better Blues” was my favorite of the videos, but that was a lie because the one for “What’s New, Beelzebub?” is:

But “Moai Better Blues” is my second favorite.

And then “Night of the Raving Dead”, which was a good bit more disturbing before they added the blurring:

Also good is “Ice Station Santa” (“Ice Station Santa”), especially if you’ve seen the inspiration.

“Ice Station Santa.”

And also “Chariots of the Dogs”, which has references to “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” and “Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft” so it’s cool if you’re over 30, and I think this is the one that made Nick start switching to video:

(And they’re all available on the Telltale Videos site for your workday browsing and procrastinating needs).

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  1. Never seen the Beelzebub one before. Have to say, the “envy” and “greed” ones were hilarious. Also great work on making it look like old tape, how’d you guys do it?

  2. Haha. The best solution is usually the simplest, yeah?

    Hmm, OK, looking back at them again I’d say Moai Better Blues is the best one. The writing is spot-on. “Wet.”

    Night of the Raving Dead‘s is awesome. I love it, even if it shows nothing at all. The bad translation is the highlight, even the little stuff that only hardcore fans of Sam and Max (hi!) would notice (“small buddy”).

    What’s New, Beelzebub? comes third. Pretty hilarious overall but there’s a thing or two I’d change about it. There was a sin card or two that I shrugged off. “Envy” is just great. I know the joke about Max being a twisted psycopath is used all the time but I love it when a fresh take on it like this happens. Has the element of suprise that good comedy relies on.

    Ice Station Santa I love (especially how the door slams and the title comes-up), and it just reeks of atmosphere, but I think it’s more for 30+ people than for 19 year old me. I’m not big on Carpenter so the parody went a bit over my head.

    And finally Chariots of the Dogs, which has a thing here and there that I don’t want to get too into here. It’s not a bad trailer (none of them are) but it’s not the one that’ll tell the average Madden-loving gamer that this game was the best of 2008.

    They’re all great trailers and always fun to watch but this is just how I rank them. My personal opinion, nothing more.

    (PS: Also I played the second Strong Bad episode two weeks ago. I just wanted to say I love your take on Homestar: “What is my major malfunction private?” was a good reminder of why I love comedy in games. Great episode, going to start EP3 tonight!)

  3. Yeah, but when people talk about the consolations of age, I assumed they meant things like scotch and wisdom and especially scotch, not just an increased appreciation for John Carpenter parodies.

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