8-Bit is Enough

8-Bit Is Enough is the senses-shattering season finale for Strong Bad’s Cool Game for Attractive People, and it’s out right now! On WiiWare and for PC from the Telltale site! What the hell are you doing still reading this, instead of buying it and playing it?!?

This one was a metric ton of work by everybody on the Homestar team, in every possible capacity. (We even had to pull in people from the Wallace & Gromit team). We like to cram too much stuff into the finales to make the season go completely off the rails in a fiery cataclysm the extra mile towards customer satisfaction. But I think it came together well, and it’s a nice capper to the series. I think everybody who worked so hard on it should be proud of it.

Thanks to the Chaps for letting us play around with their characters, and for putting in so much work to make the series cool.

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  1. So, I have a WiiWare question for you: I have StrongBad 3, but cannot for the life of me get it to work. Do I need to have the classic nintendo controller? Or am I just a sad person?

  2. You don’t need the classic controller; it’s designed to work via the regular Wii remote.

    As for how sad you are, that depends on why it’s not working. You might want to try re-downloading it from WiiWare. An email to support@telltalegames.com would be more helpful than anything you hear from me, since I’ve never actually played them via WiiWare.

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