The Sayid Ultimatum

This week’s “Lost” was called “The Economist,” and the series is continuing on its trajectory of pure awesomeness. I genuinely feel bad for the people who’ve given up on the show, because I feel like my patience has paid off. They’re doing exactly what I was hoping they’d do, but better than I imagined they’d be able to pull it off: questions are getting answered. Stuff is really happening. But they’re not just tying together loose ends; they’re still playing with the format, introducing new characters, throwing in tons of new questions, and always feeling like it’s going somewhere instead of stalling for time.

The opening of this episode is my second favorite in a series that’s had some killer openings (my favorite is still Desmond’s introduction, with “Make Your Own Kind of Music”). They’re finally taking advantage of Sayid’s bad-assery, and somehow finding ways to make what could’ve been a cliched, predictable espionage story and keeping me genuinely surprised. It feels like the flash-forwards have blown the series wide open, and the writers have been rejuvenated with the potential to do whatever they want.

(Wouldn’t anyone get bored spending four years to tell a story that takes place over 100 days, with characters who’ve been mostly “set” from the beginning? Isn’t it easy to understand why they keep trying stuff like introducing the tail end, Nikki and Paolo, and the “natives?”)

Big questions raised in this episode: Who’s the “R.C.” in Naomi’s bracelet? Was Sayid’s girlfriend wearing an identical bracelet? What’s with the time difference in the rocket sent from the ship? In particular, am I the only one expecting there to be a greater time difference, or the rocket not to show up at all? What are they going to do with angry ghostbuster Miles? What happened to Jacob’s cabin? Why is Sayid such a puss who keeps falling weepily in love at the drop of a hat? And we’re seeing a lot more of Naomi than we have of other dead people: can we expect her to be coming back?

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  1. I’m with ya, except the answering of questions. What questions have they answered? It’s still a morass, but the show is more interesting this season.

  2. I’d agree that they aren’t really answering some of the big questions (I don’t really get the whole Dharma thing, and even Ben couldn’t tell us what the smoke monster is), but I think they are answering NEW questions a lot quicker than usual. And the way they are advancing the story is making me care less about getting answers to those “big” questions than I did last season.

    I am SO liking the flash forwards, I just can’t tell you. All last season, even the new episodes felt like reruns because they just kept rehashing what we’d already learned about the characters with the flash backs, but now I really look forward to each new episode because I know I’m going to see something new.

  3. Jonathan, YOU’RE a morass!!!!!

    But yeah, I meant more that they’re answering the new questions soon after they introduce them. I don’t expect to learn a lot more about the 4-toed statue anytime soon, for instance. And it does feel like they’re at least getting towards answers — with the time difference on the rocket, and that stuff about being on a specific heading, we’re starting to learn why the raft couldn’t leave the island, and possibly why some people don’t seem to age.

  4. Oh yeah, and I read something interesting about the flash-forwards online that hadn’t occurred to me: they’ve already shown Charlie in a flash-forward. So that means that seeing somebody in the future does NOT guarantee that they’re going to survive! They really have found a way to break the show wide open and do pretty much whatever the heck they want.

  5. I’m not a morass! Maybe you’re a morass! Did you ever think of that?
    What is a morass anyway? If I were to posit a definition, it might be the list of presidential candidates running in this election.

  6. One of the theories I’ve heard is that the island is some kind of alternate reality. This is why that time was lost. So in the other reality flight 815 crashed in the ocean. In the scenes from the future Kate and Jack don’t want to get back to the island but rather get back to the other reality. Okay I didn’t explain that very well, but I like the idea.

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