“I’m about to go analog on your ass.”

I just want to make sure everybody else heard that, and it wasn’t just me.

In “Bionic Woman” this week, Isaiah Washington’s character interrupts the completely pointless training sessions between the Bionic Woman and Yoda-san, telling her she needs to bring out the animal inside herself, and he actually says the line, “I’m about to go analog on your ass.”

That really happened, right? ‘Cause I wouldn’t want to declare that a TV show isn’t just bad, it’s the opposite of everything that I stand for, on the basis of a single mis-heard line.

And speaking of NBC and catch-phrases: “ME WANT FOOD.” How long can “30 Rock” keep going without a single bad episode?

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  1. I just want to know at what point do we get our time back for the “Bionic Woman”? I think my DVR is starting to hate me.

  2. I checked with NBC, and they said that we can’t get an actual time refund for “Bionic Woman.” They will give us an on-network time credit, though, to watch “Deal or No Deal” and “The Biggest Loser” completely free of charge.

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