Giving Up

Wait, why did we have to light our bunsen burners, again?All right, I guess I’ve got to give up fighting against “Heroes,” since somewhere along the line it beat me into submission. I can’t really complain about watching it against my will or better judgement anymore, since I’ve actually started to genuinely like it.

Sure, they have a high school class light up their bunsen burners right before a discussion about Charles Darwin. But they also have a high school girl deciding to cut off her toe with a pair of scissors, just to see what’ll happen. They’ve got goofy Irish gangsters in what’s shaping up to be some lame cliched bank heist. But the whole seven paintings and villains who can sneak into closed interrogation rooms is a great way to do a murder mystery. Plus, time-traveling samurai and wonder twins who cry deadly plague tar might be able to make up for The Incredibly Hot Hulk’s reappearance next week.

I admit it, I’m completely intrigued.

And I’m guessing that the fact we’ve got precocious little girl child star who dreams about the boogeyman, means that when Veronica Mars shows up, it’s going to be awesome.

Also: on “How I Met Your Mother” they’re totally setting up Robin & Barney to get together. Which’ll be a hell of a lot of fun to watch.

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  1. Oddly enough, I was somewhat engaged by the first season, but have completely lost interest with last nights episode. Maybe it was my mood, but I was so bored by it that I decided to take an IM call instead of watching till the end. I guess I just don’t feel much is happening.

    I really think in order to enjoy a series, I need to see it on DVD. I just can’t hang with a weekly show that’s hyped beyond belief, only to be even more annoyed by the commercials.

    Maybe I’ll try again when it’s collected in a TBP! LAWLZ!

  2. Dude, seriously. You’re taking calls over IM but still watching TV with commercials and at the time it airs? If you’re going to embrace technology at all, you might as well go for third base.

  3. Okay, Doug, but the show doesn’t really work that way. You kind of have to get started by watching it because Willow from Buffy the Vampire Slayer is on it. And then you’ve got to think it’s pleasant enough, and you’ll watch it if it happens to be on. And then you’ve got to start recording it, and before you realize it, you’re hooked. At least that’s how it worked with me.

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