All bets are off!

Women kicking guys in mid-air = you have just sold me 1 movie ticket
I don’t think I need to remind anybody about the significance of this weekend, but just in case: it’s the opening weekend of Resident Evil: Extinction.

I haven’t been reading or watching anything about the movie except for the trailer, because I don’t want no haters dragging me down. If I’d listened to the kind of people who go on about “bad” movies that “suck” “hard,” then I would’ve missed out on the laser-grid-slicing, zombie-dog-jumping, nipple-flashing, Michelle-Rodriguez-shooting magic of the first Resident Evil.

So what if that first movie could rightly be called “barely tolerable” by anybody watching it objectively, or that it seemed like it managed to be good purely by accident? This movie has even more hot women shooting guns and kicking zombie dudes in mid-air, which means I’m guaranteed to be there sitting right next to Front-Row Joe.

If I’m lucky, the shooting and kicking will be done to really loud thumping techno music. A guy can dream.

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  1. I’m with you on the first one; I enjoyed the hell out of it. But man alive was the second one a giant mass of suck! I almost wished I hadn’t seen it at all so I could go into this third one with even a little bit of hope…

  2. The Apocalypse really was a load. But it did have the unintentionally funny moment when the huge super-soldier monster burst through a concrete wall, and everybody in the audience shouted “Hey, Kool-Aid!” “OH YEAH!!!!!!”

  3. Yes, I voted with my dollar to say, “Yes, Hollywood, I approve of hot women in very short shorts kicking, shooting, and slicing zombies with swords. Please give me more.” And I’ll do it again, when the DVD comes out.

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