The best song of the BOSTON band of all the times

John Scalzi’s blog passes along the story that Boston’s lead singer died on Friday.

He also passes along some damn lies, saying that the band’s “moment is over.” Spoken like a guy who never played Guitar Hero.

Or, for that matter, never heard Boston. There are very few “perfect” pop/rock albums, and Boston is one of them. Even if it didn’t have the spaceship on the cover, it starts out with five songs that knock it out of the park, only letting up with “Something About You” at the end. And it doesn’t hurt that “More Than a Feeling” works both as a single and as the intro to a classic album; I thought that’s what album-oriented rock was all about.

I’m listening to “Foreplay/Long Time” right now, which starts with the trippy prog-rock organ opening and transitions to yet another of the album’s 10,000 unforgettable hooks. “The moment is over?” Are you high?

So here’s Boston living their moment:

And proof that the moment’s not over yet. Playing this song in Guitar Hero (note: this isn’t me, of course; I can’t get to “Expert” yet) is nothing short of transcendent:

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  1. Great singer, great mustache. RIP.

    But seriously, I think thats the single most prominent album of my childhood, I’m bummed I never got to see them live.

  2. I grew up listening to Boston, and I challenge any band to go through what they did and be so popular for just their music in the begining, as they are known and enjoyed worldwide. Brad Delp and his music will be missed, and admired for years to come. May the man and his spirit Rest in Peace. May his family, friends, and all the fans like myself, remember the joy and peace he left behind. God Bless you all, Anthony

  3. Yep, and that seriously the ONE thing that Rock Band was missing. Seems like that release has made it so there’s absolutely no reason to own Guitar Hero anymore.

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