Wii Todd Ed

Gizmodo has a link to this video of a woman playing the boxing game of Wii Play. The blogger warns that the audio is not safe for work, because it sounds like the woman is in the throes of passion.

Two questions:

  1. What the hell kind of bizarre psychosexual shadow realm are these gadget bloggers living in that would cause them to hear the anguished shrieks and yelps from this video and mistake it for getting off?
  2. People are always asking why more women don’t play videogames. I think we have our answer. And a new question: are we really missing out that they don’t?

0 thoughts on “Wii Todd Ed”

  1. Obviously, you don’t watch a lot of straight porn, because this chick sounds subdued compared to some of the shrieking I’ve heard.

    Not that I watch a lot of porn or anything.

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