Lack of variation on a theme

Before I give anybody the wrong impression: I still like theme parks. In general. I can see myself going to them, and enjoying them.

But sometimes on a Monday night, you just want to go out for dinner. Without walking through clouds of fog and past giant globes and guys doing the robot to an 80’s funk cover of REM’s “Superman” and giant signs of the Hulk and King Kong to get theme park food. It takes the edge off the magic.

I suspect that too much exposure to theme park environments gives you a warped sense of reality. Even moreso than normal.

Is LA always like this, or do I just have a seriously skewed impression of it on account of the theme restaurants and roller coasters?

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  1. This is in no way related to the topic at hand, but Chuck, you gotta write a post about Lost. I know our opinions differ regarding the show, but I want to know your feelings about the last couple of episodes, especially tonights.

  2. Good god, man, what part of L.A. are you in? L.A. is a hundred different cities, if you’re in an assy section, just move over a couple miles.

    I was in a hotel at Universal City Walk. I keep hearing about how LA is a whole world filled with places of magic and wonder, but to see any of them, you’d have to 1) know where they are, 2) have the energy to leave the hotel, and c) have the patience to go through LA traffic to get to them. Almost every time I’ve been to LA, I’ve been tapped out of all three. And when I do venture out on occasion, it usually ends in tears.

  3. Good points. L.A. doesn’t really lend itself to truly random exploration, it’s just too damned big.

    Next time you’re headed to L.A., let me know where you’ll be staying, and what the open holes are in your schedule. I’d be happy to give you a list of places worth checking out & places to eat near where you’ll be staying. Seriously — I’d be happy to do it. And no one should have to suffer through being trapped at Universal City Walk.

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