Speaking of Marketing

Photo from Gasoline Alley Antiques
Speaking of the ineffable genius of marketing types:

By way of The Disney Blog, here’s Kroger’s press release for Old Yeller Chunk Style Dog Food.

You can go ahead and read that press release without fear of spoilers; for some reason, they don’t mention how the movie ends.

So look forward to a long life with your dog thanks to Old Yeller Chunk Style Dog Food. And when it comes time to put your faithful companion down, why not try Bambi’s Mom brand bullets? They’re in your local Kroger right next to Grave of the Fireflies brand fruit candies.

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  1. I didn’t realize this movie had a title song, but here is what I pretend it to be:

    Old Yeller
    Ole Yeller
    I got to put you down, feller
    I guess you won’t be yellin’ no more

    She get
    She get
    She get
    She get high.

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