Anybody want a used PowerBook?

I was thinking I was showing considerable self-control. Apple’s been releasing all kinds of new iPods and new, slightly different alternate-universe Macs that were just like the ones I have but slightly better and shinier. Still, no desire to buy one. “I’ll wait until they come up with something that’s significantly better,” I thought. “No sense wasting too much money on minor upgrades.”

But now they’ve got this Boot Camp crap going on. I’ve been wanting a faster Mac, and a laptop that runs Windows. Just this week, in fact, I’ve needed to run Windows-only stuff several times. And when I got back to the hotel, I’ve wanted to run World of Warcraft at an acceptable speed. And then Apple goes and announces official support for dual booting.

It’s like they want my money or something.

Now I’ve just got to get rid of this 1.25 GHz albatross. And by “albatross” I mean the best laptop I’ve ever owned that’s still in great shape and is available for a steal.

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  1. Dude. That totally blows my mind. I don’t think I’d ever really need to use Windows, but now I want one of them fancy new PowerBooks, too.

    Anyone want to buy a year-old iBook, cheap?

    (I kid. I really don’t need a new one. But how much you want for your old one?)

  2. I dunno, I haven’t checked prices. I was thinking around $800.

    I’ve kind of gotten to the point where whenever Apple makes an announcement, I flinch like a dog that’s been raised in an abusive home. I know that as soon as I get a new MacBook, they’re going to come out with something better.

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