Better Living Through Capitalism

Damn homo liberals!I’ve got two posts up on SFist this week, one about an iTunes promotion and the other advertising the WonderCon. Which means that in just a few short months I’ve gone from any pretense of thoughtful opinion and commentary on tech stories, to being a shameless corporate shill.

As I find myself working for big corporations, and more and more often defending other big corporations online, I have to live in constant fear that I’m turning Republican. At the moment, I believe I’m still safe.

My friend and ex-college roommate John found this website recently and commented he’d read the archives, which prompted me to read the archives, where I discovered a couple of things:

  1. I can be a really whiny little bitch.
  2. I’ve been remarkably lucky to get the jobs I’ve gotten.
  3. My last job was really unhealthy.

At the time, I wrote it off as sacrifices you have to make for the sake of working for a big corporation that gets the A-list titles the proper amount of exposure, and it’s the price you pay for working for something that you feel passionately invested in. Well, I’m working for another big multinational entertainment consortium at the moment, and I’m on a project that I’m emotionally invested in, and I’m making enough money to live comfortably. And it’s like night and day.

There are still hassles and frustrations and overtime, and the bonus of working from home has the concession of having no solid structure, no benefits, and no social network. This is about as close to a “perfect” job as I’m ever going to get, and it’s still not perfect because there’s no such thing. But it’s a billion times better, because there’s none of the debilitating stress episodes. Where you’re sitting in the dark at four in the morning and the walls are caving in and you’re wondering what it all means. Or, as the HR department liked to call it, “work/life balance.”

I haven’t really hit on any big epiphany yet, other than I really think it’s possible to have a job that’s rewarding and doesn’t totally consume your life. If I knew what it was, exactly, then I’d be able to write self-help books and leave this weblog bullshit to the amateurs.

5 thoughts on “Better Living Through Capitalism”

  1. While I do miss my days of staying up till 4am and waking up at 11am, I realize now, after starting a new job, that I really need a forced structure in order to get anything done. Not just work, but ANYTHING. If I don’t have a time constraint, it seems I’ll just avoid doing something at all.

    I don’t think I’d ever be able to work at home full time, because just knowing there wasn’t stuff I had to get done before I could step into the office again would mean I’d probably do nothing but loaf and eventually get fired. I still think it sounds like the ideal work situation for the person who can manage their time well, but I’m not that person…

  2. Yeah, I’m realizing I’m not that person, either. I do manage to get stuff done, and I think I do a pretty good job of it. But when I get time-shifted, I’m totally lousy about communicaton.

  3. Uhm, speaking of time shifting? And speaking of the search-query ticker in the lobby of a certain corporation? That ticker does not show search queries “as they are entered”. It’s a reasonable assumption and a lot of people at that corporation assume it. But it’s not true.

  4. No doubt! I’m sure that the ticker on the Apple iTunes site isn’t live-updated, either, but it’s more interesting to treat it as if it were.

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