Warm Air Liberation Front

Whenever I get in the middle of one of my removed-from-the-human-world phases (my friend Dan called it “Chuck Standard Time”), I have trouble remembering what day of the week it is.

When I went outside this “morning,” I had trouble remembering what month it is. February in San Francisco and it’s just shy of 70 degrees outside. It’s San Diego weather. I’ve never been to San Diego, but I’ve always heard it’s like this all the time there.

And yeah, I’ll find a way to complain about good weather. If the weather’s good, then that just means I’ve got less of an excuse to be a shut-in. When it’s cold and foggy outside, then I don’t feel so bad if I spend the afternoon browsing websites and then stay up until five AM working on Java code and then can’t get up the next morning until just before noon.

But if the damn atmosphere is going to be pulling this kind of shit on me, then that means I’m going to have to be getting up in the morning and “enjoying the day” or some such. Pah! If anyone needs me, I’ll be hunched over my IDE*.

* Integrated Development Environment — your ever-lovin’ editor!

0 thoughts on “Warm Air Liberation Front”

  1. I have solved this problem.

    Through the ingenious use of steel buckets and old P60 cores, I have created a series of virtual reality helmets that blind me to all stimulus.

    Mother Nature can kiss my ass.

  2. Your experiments have progressed beyond the point of tin foil and old apple cores, and for that you are to be lauded.

    The idea that you live in a virtual world and still choose to fill it with my website is something that makes me sad, however.

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