A pox on your Xbox!

I will not buy it, for 800 bucks!According to USA Today, the scarcity of Xbox 360s will likely continue through Spring, just in time for the release of the Playstation 3.

Fine, then, Microsoft! I don’t want your damn computer box anyhow! I’d pretty much resigned myself to getting one, since I’ve got more discretionary income than common sense or time. I end up buying videogames I never actually play and feel a void in my soul if I don’t have The Latest Thing. It’s not so much I wanted an Xbox, I just didn’t want to not have one.

So I’d been saying that it’s inevitable I’d get one, and as soon as it’s possible to just walk into a Best Buy and pick one up without pre-ordering or tackling some overprivileged child to the ground, I’d do it. But every week of super-exclusivity is another week for me to ask myself whether I really want to get one.

The only game I’m interested in is Oblivion, and that’s coming out for the PC as well. The only other reason to get one would’ve been to replace the 10-year-old DVD player I’m using now, but it still works like a champ, and the PS3 is going to be better anyway.

So it seems to me that the analysis in that article is actually correct — having an Xbox 360 shortage was good for the initial launch, because it drummed up demand. But how many of us are going to be patient enough to keep up the demand once they get the supply in place? I’m thinking I’m better off not having another time-waster in the house.

2 thoughts on “A pox on your Xbox!”

  1. I feel like the whole thing is just ridiculous.

    If you need to use some kind of double triple reverse psyche threat to the pre-frontals of the population in order to create demand for your product, maybe your product is just poop.

    I mean, it looks neat … wait, I am sorry … WOW LOOK AT THOSE GRAPHICS HOLY SHIT …

    … it looks neat but I am already kind of bored just writing about it.

  2. At first I thought the “shortage” was intentional by Microsoft, or at least expected and they realized they’d profit from the early spike in demand. Now it seems like they just messed up.

    I’m kind of bored with it, too, and that’s the bit that surprises me. It seems like I should be all worked up tripping over myself to get one, but I just can’t get that interested in it.

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