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Part 3 of 6Today I got caught up on the remaining “Lost” episodes. It left me feeling sad, intrigued, and wary.

Sad because you-know-what happened to you-know-who, because I was just starting to like her. I realize that was the point, because even though it’d already been spoiled for me, I could tell as soon as they started making her sympathetic that bad things were on the horizon. It just seemed inevitable.

Intrigued because like it or not, these guys do know how to handle cliff-hangers and doling out information. Like I said about “Alias,” they’re pretty good about giving you a pay-off when they set something up. If they show you a piece of film, they’re going to show you what’s on the piece of film, instead of making you wait a month or longer. And intrigued about how much speculation on the internets is going on, including the teaser sites complete with Disney terms of use. And the total geekitude that reveals stuff I never would’ve figured out, like that the numbers in the code all add up to 108, which is the number of minutes on the countdown timer.

Wary because I don’t know how they’re going to get a whole nother season out of it without running out of big revelations. I don’t know about the rest of the fans, but I’m getting a little tired of the flashbacks. They’ve been building up to Kate’s backstory since early on, and it just struck me as kind of “meh.” The only really engaging part of all that was trying to place where I’d seen her mom before (she was one of the aunts on “Sabrina the Teenage Witch”). The only thing left for a flashback to reveal, as far as I’m concerned, is what happened to Jack’s wife, and I can’t say I’m all that interested.

Before I sound too critical, though, I should say that I’m still impressed with how the show manages to maintain a tone instead of just getting mired in its own gimmicks and plot twists. It’s consistently about morality and fate, which makes me hopeful that they’ll manage to pull it all together into a meaningful story instead of just a series of cliff-hangers and internet mysteries. (And which makes the whole “They’re in Purgatory!” theory more convincing and makes me wonder why people were so quick to dismiss it).

Whatever the case, I’m now in the same boat as everyone else, and I have to wait until January 11th for the next reveal just like the commoners. Episodic television was not designed for people with my attention span.

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  1. Only eight more days until there’s a new episode! Sigh. I’m hooked, too. Hence, I’ve been keeping track of some of the forums (Television Without Pity and The Fuselage, mostly), and I guess the writers have gone on record as assuring everyone that they’re not in purgatory, they’re not clones or ghosts, and all the weirdness will eventually be explained ‘scientifically or at least pseudo-scientifically.’

    Best description I’ve heard of it, and I can’t remember who said it, is that it’s “a soap opera for boys.” It’s been a long time since I’ve enjoyed a show on an actual broadcast network this much.

  2. Yeah, after some more digging I found better speculation sites than the one I linked to, and the producers did rule out the purgatory theory. The site I linked to has these elaborate theories about collective unconscious and Atlantis, but it’s tough to tell how much the writers realize is fiction, and how much they think is a really genuinely true phenomenon the show’s creators somehow tapped into. I guess The Fuselage is the “official” un-official site; I just wish their board interface weren’t so poorly organized.

    Digging around the web for pieces of the show (like on this site, which backs everything up with screen grabs) reminded me a lot of when I was in college and looking around the internet for clues to the “Paul is dead” conspiracy. In your rational mind you know it’s all nonsense, but there’s something undeniably creepy and unsettling and compelling about it. Especially when they have the bits about Ghost Walt’s Backwards Talk. ::shudder::

    I always thought “Alias” was the soap opera for boys. It’s got all the wild undisclosed familial relationships and complete disregard for continuity; maybe it’s just not for boys? I think “Lost” is more like “a conspiracy theory for sane people.”

  3. In the end, my husband had to restrain me physically to keep me from visiting the boards. I was spending way too much time there digging into details so miniscule that I doubt the writers even knew about them. I think it was when I left Ruby in the bathtub until the water was near freezing and her skin so wrinkled she looked like a tiny geezer that Pa finally drew the line.

    And yes, we are all fine after the massive flooding that destroyed Fairfax, thanks for asking. I’ll let you know when I’m done sulking.

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