No, actually, I don’t yahoo.

I put up another post on SFist about Yahoo’s buying the site. It’s a little bit on the ironic side, since I was just thinking how much better it would be if I just had some kind of URL-sharing thing so I didn’ t feel the need to put up a new blog post every time I just wanted to post a link. It was my intention to make the “Links” section of this site exactly that, a total rip-off of the idea, but it’s another one of my neglected projects and probably won’t see any attention anytime soon.

That SFist article was very briefly one of the top stories on Google news again, which is still just weird. I was looking on there for links to other stuff, and there was a blog post I’d written staring back at me. There’s still something unsettling about that; it makes it seem like I’m trying to pass myself off as a “journalist” or something. Journalists actually get interviews and do research and shit; I just get off on pontificating and trying to be funny in equal doses.

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  1. Here’s something sad:, a site that does the same thing as delicious, was bought by Looksmart last year, and the guy who started the site had been courted by Yahoo!, but decided to sell to Looksmart instead. Smart move! Not.

    LS, in their infinite wisdom, managed to do absolutely nothing with Furl, and delicious soon overpassed Furl in users, word of mouth, and now, no doubt, price.

    I still use Furl and not delicious, but not out of any sense of loyalty. I just think the way spells their URL is the most annoying thing ever.

  2. You got that right. If they’d made some kind of clever pun on the .us extension, that would’ve been vaguely, but as it is they just have a dumb site name poorly punctuated.

    I wonder if Yahoo bought delicious just to distract people from the cutesy missing “e” from Flickr. And if they bought Flickr just to distract people from the dumb-ass exclamation point at the end of Yahoo!

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