I Ache With Embarrasment!

An hour of “Arrested Development” and the eternal shame that comes from coming in too late to fandom over a television series.

Any other show would’ve settled with just the jet pants instructional video and left that as high comedy. But they just keep going. My favorite gag is when they suspected some kind of listening device in the board room, and had a shot with the boom mic in the frame. Or the Pretty Woman bit where Rita grabs for the star. Or how Dave Thomas’ “fags” gets bleeped out when he’s talking about his cigarettes. Or how he knows how to read Rita’s hand turkey drawing.

Now I’m going to get a corndog cross with all the crucifixins.

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  1. I think it’s been pretty obvious for a while that Rita was…”special.” But I kind of didn’t know how to react to the agents flat-out saying she was retarded. It was either brilliant of the writers to just have them spit out, “She’s an MRF–a mentally retarded female,” so that those who got the joke a while ago can just laugh at the silly bluntness of the reveal.

    Or it was completely unnessary to state it so bluntly, and it killed an otherwise subtley-building joke.

  2. I’m immune to subtlety (I kept asking Jess “what’s with the Daniel Boone hat?”). Sadly, if it hadn’t been literally spelled out to me, I wouldn’t have gotten the joke.

  3. Well, I knew she was special going in, and I totally didn’t understand the MR. F bracelet. They had to explicitly spell it out to me. And I still almost didn’t get it.

  4. Ummm…does that curse you have where every time you get into a band, they break up, transfer to TV shows? ‘Cause the future ain’t looking so good for “AD.”

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