I am a fashion god.

When I was looking around SFGate’s tech news section to cannibalize it for that column I’m supposed to be writing, I found this article about an e-mail exchange between the former FEMA director and his staff. Remember all that stuff I was saying about “never assume evil when incompetence will suffice?” Yeah, scratch that. There’s a reason they don’t ask me to do political analysis on “Week in Review.” I’ll just stick to thinking about videogames and TV shows.

There’s also this really unpleasant story on SFGate’s gossip blog, which I wish I hadn’t read. What that post doesn’t mention is that to get access to it, you have to first find Chloe Sevigny.

Nothing like the internet to make you really hate humanity. The fact that I’ve pretty much completely switched over to vampire hours doesn’t help, either. I’m hoping this is just a phase, and next week in LA will get me over the hump and back on schedule.

And in NaNo news: my word count is only 2901, making me 2100 words behind schedule. It’s okay; I relish adversity! And they’re all bad words. Not swear words, just boring descriptions and trite and cliched dialogue and situations completely devoid of any inspiration or interest. But the philosophy of the whole exercise is still in place: turn off the editor, write just for the sake of writing, and see what grows from that.

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  1. And never assume evil when someone’s pathetic attempt at humor will suffice.

    At least, after reading all that crap about Gallo not wanting to create any mixed-race children, (but not minding a Jewish kid), I sure HOPE it’s just a pathetic attempt at humor…

  2. You know, Chuck, I think you’d have a better chance of turning off your own circulatory system than your internal editor.

    So, when do I get to read this novel, anyway?

  3. As for the thing being a joke: I dunno. Do people really get off on parodying an obscenely sleazy guy by making a website that makes him out to be sleazy and racist?

    As for when you get to read the novel: that’d be never. Unless it turns out really good. So, never.

  4. I dunno. It just seems fishy to me. Doing a “Who Is” search on the domain reveals that it was created last month…and I’m too lazy to investigate it further than that.

    I still believe it’s a lame joke–but obviously not too stupid if it’s got so much of the Internets all abuzz about it. (Althought that in itself might be the very definition of stupid.)

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