Too Much Sisterhood, Not Enough Ya-Ya

My favorite review of DOOM is from Statler and Waldorf.

The Muppets have a new movie review show online at, and it’s about the best thing ever. The latest episode talks about DOOM, Elizabethtown, and has a hilarious bit with Animal and Dr. Teeth explaining Shopgirl. I hope they keep doing it; I wonder if they’re going to be allowed to be as brutal about Disney movies as they are with everyone else’s.

At the moment, at least, it’s the only movie-review site you need.

0 thoughts on “Too Much Sisterhood, Not Enough Ya-Ya”

  1. I’m all for the Muppets’ taking over all media, especially if they start with Fox News and the O’Reilly Factor. But a parody reality show? That’s corny and played-out, even for the Muppets.

  2. I actually think it could be kind of funny. Especially if it’s not entirely scripted. If the Muppets auditioned actual puppets, and not just their own Muppet creations, and they were allowed to improv with these lunatics and their puppets, well, think that could be awesome.

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