Moron Alias

Okay, I’m 11 episodes in, and I’ve got the next two DVDs sitting there waiting for me so I can’t write too long. But I’ve had cases where friends have gotten into series on DVD long after I’d lost interest in them, and it was always neat hearing their take on the show. It was like being able to watch the show again, from the start, without having to do something as exhausting as sit and watch television.

So here’s my take on the show so far, divided up into the bad like the evil SD-6, and the good like Sydney’s ever-loyal friend Francie:

  • Bad: The wormy, nerdy “Q” guy, Marshall. Yeah, it’s a spy show, so you’ve got to explain the gadgets. But the whole schtick doesn’t work on any level, as comic relief or otherwise. It’s annoying, not endearing.
  • Good: Victor Garber as the dad. He’s got the toughest part to play, I think, and on a show this over-the-top, he could’ve come across as really lame, either two-dimensional bad guy, or over-sympathetic killer-with-a-heart-of-gold. He just sells it.
  • Bad: The surfeit of twists and subplots. I get that the show’s supposed to be fantastic, escapist, action television, but it’s veering around so much that it never gets to linger on anything of significance. Maybe that’s an aspect of watching it all at once instead of having to wait a week between episodes, though.
  • Good: Stuff really happens, in every episode. I’m used to series that introduce subplots that never get resolved until the end of the season if that soon; it’s cool to see a show that isn’t afraid it’s going to run out of ideas. If someone makes a threat, they’re going to do something about it within the next two hours. If you get hint of a deep dark secret, you’re not going to have to wait long to find out what it is. There are at least two cliffhangers per episode!
  • Bad: The annoying reporter friend. He’s just a tool, and he deserves to die.
  • Good: Jennifer Garner really is pretty hot.

All right, back to it. I’m in the middle of a meeting at CIA headquarters in which we just learned the identity of the assassin who killed Agent Vaughn’s father!

5 thoughts on “Moron Alias”

  1. OK, Victor Garber is definitely worth the price of admission, especially when you consider he’s Jazz Hands Jesus (see: (IMDB: Godspell). And you’re a little too hard on Marshall– for all his unrealistic knowledge, he’s pretty damn funny. It *is* endearing, for those of us with a taste for geek.

  2. Yeah, I thought Marshall was a little too much at first. I don’t know if they eventually toned him down, or if I just got used to him, but I really like him a lot now and think he’s one of the best characters on the show. Especially in the episode where he has to remove a dead guy’s eye with his bare hands.

    I can’t remember far back enough to really comment on the first couple of seasons, only to say that the season finales always kicked ass, and I gave up pretty quickly trying to even really understand all the Rambaldi stuff, instead just enjoying the fact that the show was dealing with ancient prophecies and large, glowing orbs, and buried, elaborate puzzles. That’s enough to keep me entertained.

    Also, appropos of nothing (or maybe related–did you buy the Alias DVDs?) if you want to buy more, is having an awesome sale (make that a SUPERSALE –yeah, that’s a codeword, son) where everything is 20% off, with free shipping until Saturday. You NEED more things to watch on that TV!

  3. I DO have a taste for geek (no offense to Mac intended), which may be why I don’t like the character. It could be like when I hear a bad southern accent on TV and it’s like rubbing my spine across a chalkboard. I think Chloe from “24” is the definitive annoying geeky character for action TV.

    And I’ve been renting the DVDs from a place on Haight St because I wanted to try it before I bought the whole set, because I already bought all the season sets for my mother and didn’t feel like buying them again, and because except for “NewsRadio,” every time I’ve bought a TV series on DVD, I’ve never watched them more than once. I even re-upped on Netflix for this show, but am still going to the video store because I’m too impatient to wait for them to get mailed to me.

    Thanks for the link, though. Seeing as how I’m unemployed and all, getting encouraged to buy lots of DVDs is exactly what I need right now. Gah!

  4. Oh yeah, about the show — it kinda sucks that there were at least two pretty big twists that have already been spoiled for me, because I either overheard them or may have even seen the episode (Francie and Sydney’s mom). So I’m not getting the full effect, just waiting for something to happen, like, I guess, Marshall removing a dead guy’s eyeball.

    One thing I do know is that I wouldn’t have been interested without all the Rambaldi nonsense. Next to zombies, ancient secret societies and supernatural conspiracies are what it’s all about. A lot more engrossing than some damn polar bear, I’ll tell you that much.

  5. Oh man, don’t you start!! I’m a fan of both, but “Lost” is a MUCH better show. Don’t start talking your smack until you sit down and have yourself a “Lost” marathon, my friend. (Which you can do for free because I WILL be buying the DVDs. I’ll be buying the SHIT out of them.)

    And just wait. You’ll come to like Marshall. (And the whole eyeball thing will still be a surprise to you…promise!)

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