The best dog ever

Still nothing new up on the site, obviously, as most of the links are still inoperable. It’s going to be awesome once it’s all working. But I did add a webpage for the best dog who ever lived, so check it out. I’ll be adding more pictures as I find them and/or get them from home.

2 thoughts on “The best dog ever”

  1. You a55h01e. You actually just made me shed a few tears. My “showing emotion is bad” upbringing supposedly beat all that out of me. General died one month to the day before Paddy. Tomorrow I’ll make a special beer run and raise a Guiness to the three of you.

  2. Ooooooooookaaaaaay. I take back the ill-considered a55h01e crack. But dammit, you caught me off guard. The 28th of January is the day between my birthday and my wedding anniversary.

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